Interlock 20/30

2030 Ignition Interlock DeviceFor the latest and greatest in ignition interlock technology, don’t look any further than the Interlock 20/30! Alcohol Monitoring specifically designed this product to offer easier installation, as well as easier use and monitoring. In addition, this device was designed to be even less expensive, while also being more discrete.

This device also makes use of  state-of-the-art Photo ID system. The system’s Photo ID camera is installed in the windshield on the driver’s side. Every time a test is administered, it takes a picture of the person who is submitting to the test. This prevents a user from tampering with the device and having someone else conduct the test for him or her. The pictures that the Photo ID camera takes are stored in the onboard electronic log, along with test results, date, and time. In addition to this, the Photo ID camera also links up with other tamper-proofing technologies in the Interlock 20/30, and it takes a photo and logs it any time tampering is suspected or detected.

This device is also linked to a GPS, which provides additional information to authorities that are administering the device’s use. With this functionality, the authorities will be provided with information about where a test has been administered in addition to when. Users of the device are also not required to hum while submitting to a test, which makes using the device much easier.

Please note that this device cannot be requested and that it may not be available at every service center.
SSI-20/30 Features:

  • Easy testing
  • Discretely sized
  • A numeric keypad for recalling dates and times easily
  • Equipped with GPS
  • No humming required
  • Allows for the use of a lockout code
  • Can be easily installed and serviced
  • Many different programmable options
  • Gathers a wealth of information in its log
  • Photo ID system that restricts tampering