Portable Alcohol Monitoring

Portable Breath TesterMobile BreathalyzerThe Portable Alcohol Monitoring device that is used to conduct alcohol monitoring on clients who pose a low to medium risk. Typically it is employed as a condition by the courts for bond, probation or parole, domestic violence cases, and child custody. In addition, some states allow this device’s use in lieu of an ignition interlock device. This is the case when a client does not own a car or other motor vehicle and / or when the client must submit to home monitoring. There are two models of the Portable Alcohol Monitoring device, one Standard and one Cellular.

Once ordered, the device can be picked up from a service center. It plugs directly into a wall outlet, and it signals when a test is required. The frequency of these tests is entirely programmable, and can be determined by the authority administering the device’s use.

Portable Alcohol Monitoring Features

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Photo ID
  • Programmable test windows
  • Around the clock access to reports through SmartWeb
  • Affordably priced
  • Portable
  • Access to phone line is not required
  • Calibration is only required every 6 months (for Cellular model only)
  • Alcohol-specific fuel cell that gives no false positives
  • No humming required
  • Made in the USA