What Are Penalties for Driving Illegally Without the Interlock Device?

After someone has been ordered to only drive with an ignition interlock device, the state authorities and the service provider will repeatedly warn them of the penalties if they drive without a device. Unfortunately, some people still make the choice to remove their device and disregard the warning.

Remember, once you have been ordered to install an IID, it is against the law for you to drive without one. If you drive multiple cars, you must have your device installed in all of those cars. If you drive a car as part of your job, you must also have the device installed. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Penalties for Failure to Install a Device

If you never take your car to a service provider to get the IID installed, the authorities will be notified, and you will be penalized. In addition, your license may indicate that you are required to drive with a device. If a policeman pulls you over and sees that you are driving without a device, you will face fines and possibly other consequences. Driving illegally without a device may result in:

-Fines approaching thousands of dollars

-Extension of interlock period

-Higher insurance premiums

-Suspension or revocation of your license

-Impounding of your vehicle

-Arrest and jail time

-Installing Your Device as Instructed

You were ordered to use an ignition interlock device because you were caught committing a crime. The use of the device is a privilege extended by the court to allow you to continue driving and working. If you don’t follow the rules of the court, it will quickly revoke that privilege.

Getting your device installed is a simple and easy process. There are hundreds of service centers across the country, and you can set up an appointment with the one closest to you. During the installation you will be instructed how to use the device and how to follow its instructions, but you will spend no more than a few hours at the service provider. Ignition interlock devices are affordable. If you cannot afford one, the service provider can work out a payment plan, and the government can also help subsidize the payment.

Illegally Removing a Device

Once you have completed your court-specified period, you will be able to remove the device. All you will have to do is schedule an appointment with your service provider. Any removal or tampering with the device before your suspended period has ended is illegal.

Under no circumstances should you ever try to remove the device on your own. Your service center will have a 24/7 support number, and if it is malfunctioning, you should call them immediately for support. Trying to remove the device yourself could result in it shutting down your car, triggering an alarm, or electronically notifying the authorities of tampering. Although your suspension period may seem like a long time, it will take much longer to get your device removed and it will cost much more if you try to remove it yourself.