How Does My State Track Compliance?

Being ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed is only one part of a court’s decision on your drinking and driving. The conviction also means that they will be following up to ensure your compliance. This will actually happen a number of ways. Though each state may handle the details a bit differently, the following will remain fairly consistent.

Getting Pulled Over Without the Device

For one thing, when you get convicted of drinking and driving, your license is automatically suspended. This means that if you get pulled over, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. Obviously, if a police officer decides to run your plates, it will be pretty easy for them to decide it’s worth stopping you.

Aside from the trouble you’ll get into for not having a valid license, the state will come down hard on you for driving without the device installed. At the very least, you’re getting a serious fine and your record will be further marked. However, you could also be given jail time and even charged with a felony.

This is one way your state will make sure you comply with their ruling regarding an ignition interlock system.

Reinstating Your License

After being convicted of drinking and driving, the judge may decide you can keep your license—or have it reinstated, rather—so long as you get an ignition interlock device installed.

However, the installation must come before the license. If you go to the DMV and try getting your license reinstated, you’ll be turned away if you don’t have the right papers that prove your car has an interlock device installed.

In the past, some people have simply tried to wait out their suspension period without ever having the device put in. A lot of these people may have even stayed out from behind the wheel. Nonetheless, this is not considered complying.

Remember that in most cases, these devices are not merely a condition of one’s probation. They are a specific prerequisite someone must meet before they can ever get their license back.    

This is yet another way the state ensures compliance with their orders.

Monthly Checks

Once your ignition interlock machine is installed, you’ll be expected to check in with the authorities on a monthly basis. These devices aren’t connected to the Internet, which means they must be manually assessed for the results of the previous month.

The authorities don’t simply confirm you still have the device installed. They also look for any signs you may have been tampering with it. Many of these may actually be recorded by the machine too.

Your interlock device will also tell the authorities if you merely tried starting the car without blowing first. Of course it will make clear if you failed any tests as well.

When you’re ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed, the court is not making some vague suggestion. They are so insistent on you following their demands that a number of methods are in place to make sure you comply.