How Do I Get My IID Serviced and Removed?

Ignition interlock devices are designed to be tamperproof and reliable; however, there may be times when your device malfunctions or needs to be serviced. In these situations, you should quickly call your service provider who installed the device. There are hundreds of certified installers across the country, so you should have no problem picking a provider who is close to you and easy to visit.

When you first get your device installed, the provider will run through common problems and provide you with 24/7 support numbers. Make sure you always keep these numbers on you, so that you can call during an emergency when the device stops working. If you think it’s malfunctioning, you can also set up an appointment with your service provider, so that they can take a look at it.

Monthly Service Appointments

Though it depends on your state and your specific arrangement with the court, in general you will have to get your device serviced every month. When it is being serviced, the provider will upload the monthly data, check to make sure the device has not been damaged or tampered with, and will recalibrate it. These appointments must be met every month and are required by law. The appointments allow the provider to make sure you haven’t removed or circumvented the device.

If you miss these appointments, the device will stop working and prevent you from operating your vehicle. The device may also set off an alarm. If you miss an appointment without trying to reschedule, the provider will contact the authorities. Depending on your situation, the authorities may decide to fine you, extend your IID period, or suspend your license.

Removal of the Ignition Interlock Device

Typically, you will be ordered to drive with an IID for a period between six months and two years. Once this period has ended, you will be notified and will be able to remove your device. After notification, you can schedule an appointment with the provider for removal. Although the service provider should have also been notified, you should bring your own paperwork just in case.

In some situations, you will have to continue using your IID even after your period has ended. Some states will check with your provider to see if you had any major infractions in the last few months before the period ended. If you registered a high BAC, did not perform a rolling retest, or did not go to a service appointment, you may have your period extended. It’s important to follow all the rules and always retest when the device tells you.

Improper Removal

Do not ever try to remove the ignition interlock device by yourself. These devices are designed to only be removed by trained professionals at the service centers. If you remove your device, it may start alarming and will electronically notify the authorities and the service center that it was removed. Improper removal of your device can lead to large fines, suspension of your license, and jail time.