How Can I Hide My IID in My Car?

Once you have your ignition interlock device installed, you will have to use it every time you want to start your car. You will also have to use it while you are already driving during rolling retests that occur at regular intervals. The actual process of blowing into the device is quite simple once you learn how to do it, but many people feel embarrassed about their ignition interlock and don’t want others to see them blowing into it. If you would like to conceal or hide your IID, there are a few strategies that may be useful to you.

Everyday situations such as starting your car in a busy parking lot or blowing a retest while at a red light can cause anxiety in some people, and that is perfectly normal. If you value your privacy, you may be worried about how the ignition interlock will look to people who are walking or driving by your car. Some common situations that many users like to avoid include:

-Blowing in front of children, family, and friends

-Using the device at the workplace

-Blowing into the device when picking up your child from school

-Performing a test when leaving a restaurant, shopping center, or other location

Fortunately, there are products that can help you conceal your device. A few companies provide a covering that makes it look like you are drinking from a large cup. This can conceal the device, so that you can perform tests in public without feeling embarrassment. These covers are inexpensive and can also protect the device from being damaged. Typically, they have a window or screen, so that you can still read the ignition interlock while it’s concealed in the cup. The cup will also disguise the device and will reduce the chance of someone breaking into your car to steal it.

Protection from Theft

The ignition interlock device is a serious piece of technology, and it can be costly to replace a device that’s been stolen. If you are worried that you device will be stolen from your car, there are a few precautions you can take to hide your device and prevent this from happening. Here are some ways you can hide your ignition interlock within your car.

1. Place the device mount close to your steering wheel, but not so close that it would interfere with your driving. This will make the device hard to see and less noticeable from the outside when it is properly mounted.

2. Stow the device under your dashboard when you are leaving the car. Passersby will not be able to see the device from the windows and will be less tempted to try to steal it.

3. Hide the device in a box, bag, or under a piece of clothing.

4. Use one of the concealing devices such as the cup. This will disguise your ignition interlock and will prevent people who are looking into your car from recognizing it.