Why Buy a Certified Interlock?

If you’re in the market for an ignition interlock system, there are a number of different models to choose from, as well as a few auxiliary products that can be used to augment them. That being said, one thing you should definitely look for with any interlock system is that it is properly certified. Make this the primary feature you care about and you won’t have any problems.

What Makes an Interlock Device Certified?

Each state has its own rules regarding interlock certification. However, no matter which one we’re talking about, it’s always necessary that a device has gone through the certification process and is approved. Just because an ignition interlock system can read your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) doesn’t mean it’s been certified by the government.

Also, each model a company produces has to be certified. If you are replacing model A and decide to go with model B, do your due diligence to be certain that one was put through the proper channels and did indeed receive certification.

Courts Will Only Accept Certified Devices

The main reason most people with ignition interlock systems should choose a certified model is because those are the only ones the courts will accept. If you’ve been court ordered to install an ignition interlock system, no judge is going to be satisfied if you end up with a device in your car that a government body hasn’t sanctioned.

Let’s be very clear here: you won’t get any points for trying. Courts treat interlock systems with the utmost seriousness. If you’re caught driving after the final date of installation with a device that never received certification, you will be punished severely. At the very least, expect a hefty fine that could set you back thousands of dollars. In states that have a point system, understand that your score will go up. Your insurance may too. In a particularly bad scenario, you could go to jail for up to six months or even get a felony on your record.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, it’s easier than ever to make sure a device is indeed certified. There’s no excuse for not doing a quick search that will tell you as much. Also, you can simply ask the court if they don’t already provide you with recommendations. If you hired an attorney, they’ll be a good source of advice too.

Certified Devices Are Guaranteed to Work

Some people have interlock systems installed even though they aren’t under legal mandate to do so. These parties should also choose an interlock system that has been certified. This is the only way you’ll know for sure that the machine actually delivers results. Without certification, there are no established third-parties that review these products and provide feedback, so you’ll be on your own.

Don’t waste your money on an ignition interlock system that may not function properly. You definitely don’t want to take the risk of crossing the courts either. Instead, make things easy on yourself and pay for a certified ignition interlock.