DUI Classes

Judge Holding DocumentsIf you’ve been convicted of a DUI or DWI, there’s a good chance you could be ordered to attend DUI classes. It’s normal to have a number of questions about these classes, so read on to find out more information.

Firstly, many places that offer DUI classes will work around a person’s school and work schedule. The classes could be offered during the day, in the evening or on weekends. However, some places will offer courses online, but it’s up to an individual state whether or not to allow a person to take the courses on the Internet.

Another thing you’re probably wondering about is the cost of these classes. Normally, the cost of the program is to be paid by the offender and will depend on how long the person is ordered to take classes. The length of time a person must attend DUI classes will depend on different factors such as the blood alcohol content at the time of arrest, the number of offenses, and any other relevant circumstances determined by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the court. A person will receive paperwork after court that should tell them how many classes are required and there should be a contact number for a local provider.

Attending a DUI class will consist of a face-to-face session, as well as educational sessions and group meetings. Counselors will work with each client to help in goal setting and educating the person about the dangers of drinking and driving. Normally, DUI classes can address the effects of alcohol and/or drugs on the body, DUI laws, the dangers of drunk driving, and methods of avoiding another DUI conviction. Generally, there is no “homework,” but the people attending are expected to participate and pay their fees as scheduled.

After a person has been convicted of a DUI and ordered to attend classes, it’s very important to have regular attendance because truancy is not tolerated. These classes are very strict. If someone doesn’t take class seriously or doesn’t show up as scheduled, it could possibly result in expulsion, which would mean any money and progress made are forfeited and the person must start all over again.

If you have been arrested and sentenced to a DUI class, at least now you have some kind of idea of what to expect. Once you’ve completed the required course work and finished your classes, you will receive documentation to prove you’ve complied. This information can be forwarded to the court and DMV, so that you may be eligible for license reinstatement.