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Due to the national push to diminish and eliminate drunk driving and its ill effects, many states are employing new means to ensure compliance with drunk driving laws. One of these means is the ignition interlock device, which administers a breathalyzer test before allowing a driver to start his or her car. These devices have helped many states across the country take a bite out of the rate of drunk driving offences, and they’ve helped those who have been convicted of such offences regain some or all of their driving privileges.

What is a Certified Interlock?

While many manufacturers produce ignition interlock devices, only some are certified for use in specific states. Because of the sensitivity of such devices, states are careful when selecting which devices from which manufacturers will be allowed for use in their ignition interlock programs. This serves to both protect the state and its motorists from the effects of faulty devices, and it protects the users of such devices from false positive results.

Should I Participate in My State’s Ignition Interlock Program?

Having your driving privileges suspended or revoked is a major hardship. Thankfully, due to the advent of ignition interlock devices, many states are allowing those who have lost their driving privileges to regain them in part or in full, provided they submit to having an ignition interlock system installed in their cars. This assists the state in ensuring compliance with drunk driving laws, and it assists offenders by allowing them to regain a part of their life that would be otherwise lost.

How Much Do Ignition Interlock Devices Cost?

In general, ignition interlock devices are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the loss of livelihood that having a lack of driving privileges entails. However, because the laws and fees related to ignition interlocks vary widely from state to state, you’ll have to investigate your states particular rules before making a determination. Thankfully, you’ll find that we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all of the state’s laws pertaining to drunk driving, as well as their laws pertaining to their ignition interlock programs.